Special Treatment and Abuse of Power


Key Point: Hall & SEX OFFENDERS

  1.  As head of the Compton School Board, Hall led the charge to rehire a high school basketball coach - even though that coach was accused of molesting a child. Ultimately, the coach had to be fired again after trying to pay a student for sex.

  2. Isadore Hall also gave his brother, a convicted sexual predator, special government recognition for his work managing a government building with a daycare center. Watch the CBS Channel 2 investigative report here . 

KEY POINT: Hall's lavish spending

Hall has forgotten the community he's supposed to be serving. Instead, he's using campaign cash to fund an endless, lavish party. He's used campaign funds at a strip club, spent nearly eight thousand dollars on cigars and cigar lounges and tens of thousands of dollars on expensive and fancy trips. A leading newspaper ranked Senator Hall among the worst abusers of campaign funds.  


Hall is padding his wallet at the expense of his own community. According to the Los Angeles Times, Compton City Councilmembers like Isadore Hall illegally inflated their salaries for years, costing taxpayers over two hundred thousand dollars. Hall has supported raising taxes on our poorest residents but he's had tax liens filed against him more than once for failing to pay thousands of dollars of his own taxes. 




is the State Senator Living Rent-Free in a Complex he Supported as a Compton City Council Member?

Based on recently uncovered public documents, on November 25, 2015 State Senator Isadore Hall was served a Notice of Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) from his apartment in the Alameda Court development in Compton, CA.  The Plaintiff requested Hall pay past due rent of $4,800, attorney fees, and past due utilities of $5,000.  Complicating matters, Senator Hall has a tangled history with the development of Alameda Court which raises questions about possible quid pro quo arrangements and special treatment for the state senator.

Hall’s Relationship with Alameda Court

When he was a Compton Council member, Senator Hall voted to approve the sale of city land to Alameda Court, the housing development where he now lives. (see link below)

The Alameda Court developers gave Hall over ten thousand dollars after the initial approval was passed by the Compton City council and again after groundbreaking of the project (Source: CA SOS – Hall for City Council & Hall for Assembly).

In 2015, about seven tenants filed a lawsuit against the owners and landlord of Alameda Court because the owners falsely advertised the property as “rent-to-own” and the Plaintiffs lost money on their deposits and repairs. 

The lawsuit filed against Alameda Court alleges that Senator Hall received special "white glove" treatment and was exempt from the harassment that Plaintiffs endured because of his relationship with the landlord (page 4)

Examples given of special treatment include additional and reserved parking spaces for multiple vehicles and regular visits from Chuang-I Lin, the founder and principal of Alameda Court.


Making the situation even more murky, after allegedly allowing Hall to live rent-free in the complex, the landlord reversed course for reasons that he has not made clear.  According to a declaration signed under penalty of perjury, landlord Doug Baker states that Senator Isadore Hall is one of four Alameda Court tenants who have refused to pay any rent since March 2015.

Senator Hall was served with a 3-day notice dated November 6th, 2015 showing past rent due for $4,800 for October and November.  The Unlawful Detainer further shows unpaid utilities totaling nearly $5,000.

Senator Hall’s signed and executed lease shows no agreement in place for parking, nor does it appear that he paid a security deposit, something that is likely required of other tenants. 

 To view the official documents related to Senator Hall's eviction, click here.