KEY POINT: State Senator Isadore Hall has a clear record of opposition to common sense gun safety reform by repeatedly voting against or failing to vote on legislation to protect his district from gun violence. Hall currently represents Compton, Watts, and Inglewood, communities that have struggled with the highest rates of gun related violence in the country.

Despite running for California’s 44th Congressional district, a region which is classified as having the highest percentile of gun violence related homicide in the country, Hall has a consistent track record of opposing gun safety reform legislation… unless there’s an election six months away.

Hall has missed votes on critical pieces of reform to prohibit the possession of large clip magazines and to require anyone buying ammunition to pass a background check, SB 396 and 53, respectively.  Both bills were defeated narrowly because Senator Hall chose to sit on the sidelines instead of standing up to protect the people in his community.  Specifically, with SB 53 Hall had the opportunity to be the deciding vote to stop gun violence but instead opted out of participating altogether.

As a member of the State Assembly, Hall voted against AB 962 which required ammunition sellers to maintain a log with the information of buyers, as well as prohibited the sale of ammunition online. Though Hall rejected the bill, it was passed with bipartisan support, signed into law by then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and was universally regarded as a safe and practical reform.

Within California’s 44th district, the city of Compton is ranked the most dangerous place for homicides in Los Angeles with three times as many murders than the city’s overall average.  Officials estimate that 98% of all violent deaths in Compton are related to gun violence.  Hall has had many opportunities to help the people of the 44th district but instead he has let them down each time.

Supportive Background

·         SB 53 would have required anyone buying ammunition to pass a background check and obtain a one-year permit. The bill’s passage was blocked with 53-53 tie vote. Hall had the opportunity to tilt the vote to pass. [California Legislative Information, Vote on SB 53, 8/30/14; San Jose Mercury News, 3/5/13]

·         Hall also failed to vote on SB 396 which would have prohibited the possession of large capacity magazines.  The vote was blocked due to legislators’ refusal to vote. [San Diego Union-Tribune, 9/9/13; California Legislative Information, Vote on SB 396, 9/11/13]

·         Hall voted no on AB 962 which required sellers of hand gun ammunition to maintain a log of sales Information, including the buyer’s thumbprint, signature and driver’s license data. The bill passed and was approved by the Governor, despite Hall’s opposition. [Los Angeles Times, 10/13/09; California Legislative Information, Vote on AB 962, 9/11/09]