State Senator Isadore Hall Abandons Principles for Sweet Pay Out

Despite running on an anti-obesity and diabetes platform, State Senator Isadore Hall killed legislation that would have helped address both of those issues and took thousands of dollars from Pepsico.

According to Hall’s own legislative agenda, he was supposed to focus on reducing childhood obesity and diabetes during 2015.

Instead, Senator Hall contributed to the failure of a bill that could have required warning labels on sugary drinks (SB 203). Had Senator Hall voted for the bill and upheld his campaign promise, the bill would have proceeded to the Senate floor instead of dying in committee.

This bill was strongly opposed by the beverage industry, and proponents of the bill blamed intense lobbying efforts on behalf of the beverage industry for the bill’s failure.

Unsurprisingly, given his pattern of abandoning principle for campaign cash, Senator Hall is a recipient of thousands of dollars in donations from one of the world’s largest beverage companies. Senator Hall has taken over $18,000 from Pepsico, including a major donation that came through just weeks after he killed SB 203.

Crossfit CEO Greg Glassman opposes Senator Hall, calling him the sugar candidate, read the blog here or the LA Times article here.